The main objective of the "Una-spring of life" is a joint development and promotion of the source of the river Una in Croatia, and waterfalls Une and the old town Ostrovice in BiH, as a single tourist destination and economic space, through cross-border cooperation and pooling of experience between all stakeholders in the border regions of the river Una.

The aim of setting up the tourist signs is to give directions to drivers and tourists to the spring of river Una, providing them with information about the direction and distance of movement to actual locations.

Presently there are 8 large format 1.5m x 2m, information tables and 5 directional signs pointing drivers to stay on the right path. Information tables were placed on all the major routes within the Zadar and Lika-Senj County. From Zadar before entering the highway (Zadar 2) in Gornji Poličnik, from Zagreb in Bjelopolje before turning to Donji Lapac, from the direction of Knin before turning to Zrmanja, from the direction of Bihać just after Užljebić border crossing, at the exit from the highway A1 Sveti Rok and the tables in Gračac.

Setting up the tourist signs will contribute to raising the public awareness of the newly developed tourism offer of Una River and will affect the growth of tourist traffic, arrivals, overnight stays, consumption, improving the quality of life and generally increase the attractiveness of the area around river Una.

This project is funded
by the EU
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Tourist signs for the source of the river Una are set up


After finishing the traffic study of setting the tourist signs and obtaining the necessary approval of the competent institution, through project "Una - Spring of Life" and in collaboration with partners on the project, tourist signs indicating the spring of river Una in Lower Suvaja are set up.

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Final meeting of all the partners in the project "Una - Spring of Life"


On Tuesday, 26 March 2013. beginning at 11 hours and 20 minutes, in the Small Hall of the House of Zadar County, was held the final cross-border meeting of all partners in the project "Una - Spring of Life."

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