The aim of the project is to jointly develop and promote the Una Spring in Croatia and the Una waterfalls and the old town of Ostrovica in the area of Martin Brod in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a part of the same, environmentally-adapted joint tourism product through cross-border cooperation and pooling of various experiences of all stakeholders from the area of the upper course of the Una River.
The most important project activities included the following:
* infrastructural works on locations of the project; the construction of a wooden railing along the tourist footpath leading to the Una Spring and the renovation of tourism infrastructure by the Una waterfall and the old town of Ostrovica in the area of Martin Brod,
* the drafting of a strategic document for managing the development of the joint tourism product; „Strategy for the development of tourism in the cross-border region of the upper course of the Una River“,
* the cooperation of the local community with international stakeholders with the aim of protecting the nature and promoting the project; organization of an international volunteer camp in Srb for cleaning footpaths and cycling trails along the Una River,
* educational package for all stakeholders of the project, local community, civil society and relevant institutions in the area of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina; organization of three types of educational workshops (ecological principles in tourism, the development of the rural tourism offer and conditions for living and working in or near protected natural values),
* promotional package for the joint tourism product and the results of the project; creating promotional material, creating a tourist brochure and a website on the newly established joint tourism product and a study trip to both locations for regional travel agencies, hotel managers, etc.


The Zadar County is a (regional) self-government unit, one of the seven Croatian coastal counties, located in the very centre of the Adriatic coast. As a self-government unit, the county performs the activities of local (regional) importance, especially those regarding: education, health care, spatial and urban planning, economic development, traffic and transport infrastructure, maintenance of public roads, planning and development of a network of educational, health care, social and cultural institutions and other activities in accordance with special laws.

The Municipality of Bihać is a self-government unit located in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It occupies a total area of 900 km². On the BH side it borders with the municipalities of Cazin, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Petrovac and Drvar, while on the Croatian side is borders with the municipalities of Donji Lapac, Plitvička jezera and Slunj. The Municipality performs the activities related to spatial and urban planning, economic development, traffic and transport infrastructure and the maintenance of locally important public roads. Agriculture represents the main economic activity. It co-finances activities from the domain of culture, education and tourism.

In terms of surface area, the Municipality of Gračac is Croatia's largest municipality occupying an area of 1060 km²; in administrative terms, it is located in the Zadar County, while geographically it belongs to the area of southern Lika. The Municipality of Gračac performs activities of local importance aimed directly at meeting the needs of the local population, especially those regarding: regulation of settlements and housing, spatial and urban planning, economic development, utility services, child care, social welfare, primary health care, basic education, culture, physical education and sports, consumer protection, protection and advancement of natural environment, fire safety and civil protection.

Centre for the promotion of local development PLOD is a civic association established in 2007 with the aim of contributing to a faster and more effective development and the creation of a healthier business environment in the area of the Municipality of Bihać and the Una-Sana Canton, and with the aim of providing expert support to the government, NGOs and private sector in the process of development and EU integration. PLOD works in the north-western region of Bosnia and Herzegovina; its primary area of activity is the Una-Sana Canton and the Municipality of Bihać. PLOD has established strategic partnerships with municipalities, public companies, NGOs, as well as a strong cooperation with small and medium enterprises from the Una-Sana Canton.

NATURA-JADERA Public institution for the management of protected areas in the Zadar County was established in 2002 pursuant to the Nature Protection Act and the decision of the County Assembly; it began performing its activities in April 2003. The Institution manages protected natural values of the Zadar County through the activities of protection, maintenance, use, upkeep and promotion of natural values, ensuring unhindered course of natural processes, sustainable use of natural resources and monitoring the implementation of conditions and measures of protection. The preservation of natural values is carried out through a system of protected areas and areas of the Ecology Network. Within the area of the Zadar County, the Institution manages 14 protected areas (+1 preventive protection).

Zadar County Development Agency - ZADRA was established with the purpose of creating systems for designing and coordinating a new development cycle of the Zadar County, including development programmes, all aimed at regional development, creating a positive climate for investing in entrepreneurship and achieving well-being of the population of the Zadar County. The role of the Development Agency is to help the development of small and medium enterprises in the entire County area through financial support, development of investment infrastructure, informing the existing and potential entrepreneurs, advisory services and support in solving everyday business problems regarding the growth and development of entrepreneurship, as well as providing business education and training.

The Zadar County Tourist Board is one of six coastal regional tourist boards. Its primary objective is to promote the region in Croatia and around the world. Furthermore, the TB participates in the development of the tourism development plans and the strategic marketing plan for the development of Croatian tourism, the preparation of the development strategy for the County tourism, encouragement, preservation, development and promotion of the County's existing tourist resources and potential, as well as County's tourism offer; it contributes to the enrichment of the overall tourism offer of the County and the creation of products of the tourist region, especially in the selective forms of tourism, and performs all other activities related to tourism offer.

The Una-Sana Canton Tourist Board is the first tourist board established in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was opened in 1997 and has remained committed to the idea of representing the entire area of the Una-Sana Canton and making it a tourist product worthy of every visitor. Within the scope of its regular operations, the tourist board performs activities related to the encouragement, development and promotion of the original values of the Una-Sana Canton (tradition, customs, ethnological heritage, etc.), integration of the entire tourist offer of the tourist area, drafting of the programme and promotion plans of tourist products and the development and promotion of tourism in the less developed parts of the Una-Sana Canton.

The Una Association is a non-governmental organization focused on improving the quality of life and increasing the level of environmental awareness, as well as promoting and fostering the natural features of this part of Lika and the Una River, with a special contribution by the young population. It has been recognized as an association that contributes to the improvement of living conditions and the development of the community through its work and activities.


The Lika-Senj County Development Agency - LIRA was established in 2008 by the Lika-Senj County and registered as an Institution. LIRA was established with the aim of encouraging, implementing and coordinating activities of regional development, creating a positive investment and entrepreneurship climate, all in order to achieve economic and social development of the Lika-Senj County.

The Gračac Municipality Tourist Board is still undergoing the establishing of the organizational structure. The opening of the tourist board's Gračac office is expected as soon as possible, which will represent an impetus to the development of the tourism of the municipality with great potential. The tourist board performs the activities of public tourism sector (promotion of tourism, quality of the environment, providing information and technical assistance to tourists).
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This website has been produced with assistance from European Union through the Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. Project partners have the exclusive responsibility for the contents of this publication and it can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.


Tourist signs for the source of the river Una are set up


After finishing the traffic study of setting the tourist signs and obtaining the necessary approval of the competent institution, through project "Una - Spring of Life" and in collaboration with partners on the project, tourist signs indicating the spring of river Una in Lower Suvaja are set up.

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Final meeting of all the partners in the project "Una - Spring of Life"


On Tuesday, 26 March 2013. beginning at 11 hours and 20 minutes, in the Small Hall of the House of Zadar County, was held the final cross-border meeting of all partners in the project "Una - Spring of Life."

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